San Diego Airport Terminals

San Diego airport has two different terminals named as Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 that are located next to each other.

Each terminal has two areas: East and West with their respective boarding gates and services.


Terminal 1

Is the eastern terminal at the airport and is located between Terminal 2 and the Airport Authority Administrative Offices.

Services that has the terminal located in the Main Hall: Free airport loop, Visual Paging service, ATMs, Defibrillators, TSA Check-points, Art Exhibits, Shops and Restaurants.

In front of the terminal 1 there is a Transit Island area and just behind it, there is a big parking garage: SAN Park Terminal 1 Lot.


East Area

It has gates 1A, 1, 2, and from 3 to 10. Services provided at the East area are: restrooms, shoe shine, ATMs, Lactation room, Defibrillator, escalators that goes to the second level, shops and relax areas.


Airlines East Area Terminal 1:

- Southwest airlines


West Area

It has gates from 11 to 18. It has ATM service, restrooms, lactation room, shops and relaxing areas, medical care service, Defibrillator.


Airlines West Area Terminal 1:

- Alaska Airlines

- Frontier Airlines


Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is the big one in San Diego airport.

Services provided at the main hall are: Foreign Currency Exchange, ATMs, Defibrillators, Restrooms, Art Exhibits, Pet Relief Area (outside the terminal building), Escalators and Elevators, Information Point, among others. In front of the terminal there is a transit island and a free airport loop service, and just behind the transit island there is SAN Park Terminal 2 Lot.


In total, the terminal has 31 gates (from gate 20 to 51) that are divided, as the Terminal 1, in two areas: East and West. Terminal 2 handles the international flights, that are operated in gates from 20 to 22 (West Area).


East Area

The East area has gates from 20 to 32. It has several restaurants, shops and bars, restrooms, defibrillators, currency exchange, ATMs, among others.


Airlines East Area Terminal 2:

- West Jet

- Japan Airlines

- British Airways

- Allegian Air

- American Airlines


West Area

It has gates from 33 to 48. It has a lot of shops and services to relax, as well as pet relief areas, ATMs and Currency Exchange service, information point, restrooms, defibrillators among other services that are provided in all the airport.


Airlines West Area Terminal 2:

- Hawaiian Airlines

- Sun Country Airlines

- United

- Air Canada


The west area (and San Diego airport) is home for the largest airport USO center in the world. It is located in front of the West airline, next to Gate Parking Lot. Opening hours: from 06.00 am to 00.00 am.


The car rental area is located next to the Economy Lot, a few minutes by road transportation from the airport terminals.


It also promotes education with some art exhibitions and there is another special and unique room at the airport, named as “The Spirit of Silence”. It consists of an space that has been designed by the artist Norie Sato to provide to all passengers a room to meditate.